25 X-Men Characters Who Might Already Be In The MCU

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Comic book movie fans have wanted the X-Men and their supporting characters to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time - and, rather excitingly, that's now legally possible, given Disney's acquisition of Fox.

However, after eleven years of MCU movies with no hint of a mutant presence, it might be difficult to seamlessly integrate those characters in the franchise.

However, we believe it's definitely still possible - not least because the likes of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are already in the MCU - and, to emphasize that further, we're going to run you through twenty-five hugely varied X-Men characters who could realistically be in the MCU already.

The characters in question include; Apocalypse (because he's the first mutant), Magneto (because he's Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's father), Storm (because she's T'Challa's childhood friend), Deadpool (because he's Deadpool and he needs no explanation), Juggernaut (because he's not a mutant and Doctor Strange has already invoked Cyttorak, Juggernaut's source of power), Mystique (because she could have been masquerading as anyone over the years), Namor the Sub-Mariner (because he's been referenced twice already in the MCU), Wolverine (because he could have fought alongside Steve Rogers and Nick Fury in wars) and Professor X (because he could have telepathically cloaked mutants' existence from the world, explaining their "absence" so far in the franchise).

To find out more about why we believe these characters could very easily be in the MCU already - and to find out which other X-Men characters could already be in the franchise - you'll just have to watch the whole video!

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