Atheist Experience 23.02 with Matt Dillahunty & Noah Lugeons

19:00 Jacob: Portland, OR: What is Humanism?, Is It Better Than Christianity?, Veganism
32:50 Ben: UT: Near Death Experiences, Threats of Hell, Mormonism
50:50 Cole: Alberta, Canada: Kalam Cosmological Argument, Resurrection of Jesus
1:17:30 Timothy: Peoria, IL: Christian Worldview Has More Explanatory Power, Supernatural
1:41:45 Khaled: Toronto, Canada: Big Bang Theory Prime Mover, How Is Curiosity Beneficial?
1:55:55 Joe: AZ: “No Atheists In Foxholes”
2:03:36 Erem: Houston, TX: Deism, Agnosticism

The Atheist Experience episode 23.02 for January 13, 2019, with Matt Dillahunty and Noah Lugeons. The Scathing Atheist. Matt and Noah Lugeons, the Scathing Atheist, talk about attitudes about sex.

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