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Watch the Great Gray Owls at Jim’s Place - LIVE

Nest with North America's largest species of owl! This live camera in Montana's Mission Valley is mounted opposite a hollowed tree snag where a great gray owl raises her chicks. It's believed the owl mom and her mate have nested here for the past three years.

This densely forested area borders a mostly open field, ideal for Great Gray Owls to hunt their prey. The forest has small creeks running through it and is a major wildlife corridor for the Mission Mountains with deer, birds, and even Grizzly bears traveling through this area.

This snag nest, though much smaller than the Western Montana Nest Cam, is not atypical for Great Grays. She fits like a glove.

We've named this location "Jim's Place" as tribute to the live cam host who unexpectedly passed away during the camera's install/

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