Green Day - Meet Me On The Roof (Official Music Video) Starring Gaten Matarazzo

Surprise, surprise! What's a new album without a new video?! Watch Meet Me On The Roof starring Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things with the sick motorcycle stunts.

Listen up motherf🦄🦄🦄ers Father Of All... is out now! Play it loud and play it on repeat🤘

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Directed by Brendan Walter & Greg Yagolnitzer
Produced by French Productions

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I’m crawling on the dance floor
I think I lost my phone
Feeling like a toothache
My face is going numb
I beg 1000 pardons all my friends are crazy hanging from the window
All you got to do is jump

Come meet me on the roof tonight girl
Oh how high is your low gonna go girl?
Oh come meet me on the roof tonight
Oh how high is your low gonna go girl?

I’m hanging with the cholos
Cruising down the strip
Sleeping with a pillow
Waking up in spit
I’m taking drowning lessons
Secret words and true confessionals
And the worst is yet to come

So meet me where the good times go
How high is your low?
As far as I can go

#GreenDay #FatherOfAll #GatenMatarazzo