Hatching Chicken Eggs Results || Day 18 || DIY Homemade Incubator Results

Hatching Chicken Eggs Results || Day 18 || DIY Homemade Incubator Results

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Chicken Eggs Will Take 21 Days To Hatch.....For Hatching Eggs You Need To Maintain Temperature Between 37°C - 41°C & Humidity 45% - 60% In Incubator And Turn The Eggs Daily 3 Times (Once In Every 8 Hours ) Till First 18 Days....(37°C Celsius = 98.6 Fahrenheit )
(Stop Turning Eggs After 18 Days).....After 18 Days Increase Humidity To 65 % - 80% And Temperature Is Same As First 18 Days (37°C - 41°C)...........Chicks Will Hatch Between Day 21 - 24
NOTE :- More Than 41°C Temperature Will Kill The Chicks In Eggs So Better To Maintain Temperature Between 37°C-38°C
We Used 3 - 0 Watts BulbS If You Have 25/40 Watts Bulbs Best To Use Them

Bulb(Light) Should Be On 24/7 Till Chicks Are Hatched (21-24 Days).... (Bulb Should Be Continuously On Till Chicks Hatches Successfully....If Power Is Off 1,2 Hours No Damage Will Cause To Eggs If Power Is Off More Than 2,3 Hours Chances Are Very Low To Hatch )

Don't Use Shop/Market/Stored Eggs.......As They Not Fertile And Didn't Hatch......We Used Our Pet Hen's Eggs....... Shops Eggs Won't Hatches As They Come With Out Help Of Roosters.........Use Desi Hen Eggs Where Hen And Roosters Live Together.. (Use Fresh Eggs 2-12 Days Old)

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1.What Is the Ideal Temperature and Humidity for Hatching Chicken Eggs?
The Most Important Parameter Is Temperature For Hacthing Eggs
Temperature 37°C - 41°C OR 99 - 102 degrees Fahrenheit And Humidity 45% - 60% (First 18 Days) Is Often Considered As Ideal For Hatching Chicken Eggs

2.How Many Times Need To Turn an Egg in an Incubator?
For Chicken Eggs We Need To Turn The Eggs 3-4 Times a Day (Once In Every 6-8 Hours)

3.What Temperature Will Kill Chicken Eggs/Embroyo?
More Than 41°C Temperature Will Kill The Eggs/Embroyo Even If It Is For 10 Minutes OR More.....But If Temperature Is Between 32°C - 37°C No Harm Cause To Eggs But It Increase The Hatching Period And Less Than 20°C Temperature Will Also Kill The Eggs/Embroyo....So Better To Maintain Temperature Between 37°C - 39°C For Better Results.

4.What To Do After Day 18 ?
Stop Turning The Eggs After 18 Days And Increase The Humidity To 65% - 80% And Don't Try To Candle The Eggs After 18 Days.

5.How Long Chicken Eggs Incubate ? (Chicken Eggs Hatching Period) ?
Chicken Eggs Takes 19 - 24 Days For Hatching But Mostly Hatch On Day 21

6.Can We Use Store/Market Eggs For Hatching ?
No, Don't Use Market/Shop Eggs As They Are Not Fertile Hence Didn't Hatch........Use Those Hen's Eggs Where Hen And Rooster Live Together.

7.How Many Days Old Eggs Suitable For Hatching ?
2-12 Days Old Eggs Are Suitable For Hatching.....Don't Use Day 1 Eggs & More Than 12 Days Old Eggs (Very Low Chance To Hatch).

8.How do you tell if an Egg is Fertilized?
The Oldest and Easiest way to tell if an Egg is Fertilized is called Candling the Egg...Candle The Eggs 3-4 Days After Putting In Incubator....In Fertilized Eggs Embroyo Start Developing In It Blood Veins Visible Clearly....Fertilized Eggs Have Air Cell & It Grows As Incubation Progress Where As Infertilized Eggs Didn't Have Air Cell (Very Less Compared To Fertilized Eggs)

9.What is the Best Day to Candle Eggs?
Eggs are Normally Candled After 7 to 8 Days of Incubation. The Most Critical Period of Incubation During the Development of the Embryo is the First Week so it is Best to be Patient and Only Take a Look After the First Week. You Will See More After a Week and Can be More Certain About the Fertility as Well.

10.How Long Does it Take for a Chick to Hatch After the First Crack?
Usually It Will Take 12-18 Hours from Pipping (First Crack).....Sometimes It Can Take Up To 24 Hours

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