How To Make A Cardboard Labyrinth For Your Hamster Pets

Slime Sam loves all of his pets and he loves playing with them - Garry the snail, Tater Tots the rat, and ever busy ants in their ant house. And he also loves his pet hamsters. But they are obviously not in the mood to play. Sam is determined to lure them out. His human friend Sue suggests building a cardboard labyrinth for them, but Sam is skeptical. They already built a labyrinth for a hamster when she first appeared in their house
But she's not very interested in it now. Sue insists that this labyrinth is bigger and more interesting, but Sam leaves her to it. Sue is still determined to make this cardboard obstacle course for their lovely hamsters - Hamie and Snowy. She takes a large piece of cardboard and sketches all the obstacles on it. The labyrinth has a ladder made of wooden skewers, a wire net to climb on, a wavy cardboard path, a narrow cardboard path, a slide, a ring challenge and a door! But the crown jewel here is a brightly colored tunnel with Sam's picture on it. Don't forget to make the path safe for the hamsters and glue little cushions on all the places where they can fall. And prepare a yummy treat for the labyrinth champions - they most certainly deserve it! Sam and Sue are excited to watch their hamsters pass the labyrinth. They encourage them and cheer. It's fun for the hamsters and their owners alike! Meet other pets of Sam and Sue: A cat
A giant snail
A dog
A rat
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