How Will We Get to Alpha Centauri?

Humans are attempting to achieve interstellar travel. Here’s why some of the world’s greatest minds believe a nanocraft is the best way to journey into deep space.

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Alpha Centauri: A Triple Star System about 4 Light Years from Earth
“A new study involving long-term monitoring of Alpha Centauri by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory indicates that any planets orbiting the two brightest stars are likely not being pummeled by large amounts of X-ray radiation from their host stars. This is important for the viability of life in the nearest star system outside the Solar System.”

Engage Warp Drive! Why Interstellar Travel's Harder Than It Looks
“How hard is it to hop to the nearest star system or soar across the galaxy? A typical "Star Trek" or "Star Wars" movie makes it look easy. When the heroes get a distant distress call, they use "warp drive" or "hyperdrive" and arrive at their destination within minutes or hours. If we got the right propulsion, would it be possible for us to voyage that quickly in real life?”

Building Sails for Interstellar Probes Will Be Tough, but Not Impossible
“Giant lasers may indeed launch fleets of spacecraft to Alpha Centauri, given breakthroughs in the science behind extraordinarily thin, incredibly reflective sails that can catch this laser light, a new study finds.”


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