I found my death certificate under my bed

I ran as fast as I could. Every inch of my body was shaking, I was so scared. How could I be so stupid?! How could I let this happen to myself?! I ducked down in the plants, terrified. What if they caught me? What…what would they do to me now that I knew the truth? Just the thought of it made me want to throw up. I could see their flashlights looking for me. With shaking hands, I started to dial on the phone. If something happened to me now…no one would know where I went. The phone started to ring…just as their flashlights got closer and closer. I held my breath as the operator picked up. How was I going to get out of this?! Every step they inched closer and closer to me…my chance of getting out of here alive seemed worse and worse. Before we get into my escape…I need to explain how I got myself into such a terrifying situation. To be honest…all I did was wake up. One morning, I opened my eyes in bed and felt a wave of panic wash over me. My head felt so fuzzy…almost like I was in a dream or something. I looked around and started to really freak out. I didn’t recognize ANYTHING. Where WAS I?! And…who was I? I got out of bed and started to look around the room. ‘ANNA’ was in pink letters on the wall. But…did I even like pink? Why didn’t that name sound familiar? I felt like I was going to pass out. None of this made sense. Was I going crazy?! Why couldn’t I remember anything?! What was my NAME? Was it really Anna? I bolted out the door into a strange hallway. I felt like I was on some alien planet. I had to find a phone or something. I had to call 911. Maybe someone there would be able to help me figure out what was going on- I ran into the kitchen and that’s when two people stood up. A man and a woman in their 50s both looked at me. They asked if I was okay, if I was feeling any better after hitting my head. But I didn’t know these people! Why were they acting like they knew me?! I shoved past them, reaching for the phone on the wall. The woman stopped me and grabbed my arm. She kept calling me Anna and told me to calm down. I freaked out, yelling at her to get her hands off me, to leave me alone and let me go. Then…she said she was my mother. But no, there’s absolutely no way she could be! I would remember my own mother…wouldn’t I? Even if I had hit my head? The two managed to sit me down and explain everything. Apparently I had hit my head a few days ago and had been out cold ever since. The doctors told them to just monitor me until I woke up. I told them I didn’t remember any of that. That I didn’t know this house. That they weren’t my parents! They looked so concerned I started to feel a little embarrassed. Was there something wrong with me? Tears started to roll down my face. That’s when the woman pulled out a baby book and started showing me photos of what was apparently my childhood. And I had to admit…the photos looked exactly like me. My fear started to grow…maybe they really were my parents, and I was going crazy. Through my tears, I told them I didn’t remember anything. The woman rubbed my back and told me it was okay. We would figure out what was wrong with me together. They had been so scared of losing me, they were just glad I was okay. The woman took me up to my bedroom and told me to lie down and sleep some more. Maybe when I woke up I would feel better. I faded in and out of sleep for a few hours, stuck between weird dreams and being awake. Have you ever had a night like this? One where you feel like something in your life just isn’t right? At one point, I woke up and heard talking outside my door. I crept over to try and hear what they were saying. My and father talked in hushed tones. My was concerned something was really wrong with me, that they should take me to some ‘in-patient care.’ I felt a weird rush of guilt and embarrassment. They really did think I was going crazy…and they probably weren’t wrong. But I didn’t want to go to a facility like that. What if I went there and they really did think I was insane?