Lernor Family Dental - Your Family Phoenix Dentist


As a trusted Phoenix dentist, Dr. Eric Lernor provides families with quality dental work. Dr. Lernor's practice, Lernor Family Dental, has been providing dental care for adults and children for 25 years. As a respected Phoenix dentist, Dr. Lernor has built a practice that focuses on proactive, preventative care. Lernor Family Dental also provides cosmetic procedures for those seeking to improve their appearance and overall health.

Lernor Family Dental, like other Phoenix-based dentists, accepts most major insurance providers. Their flexible office hours are designed to work with adults' busy work schedules and children's school schedules. Setting appointments early is important to ensure that you are seen on-time. Lernor Family Dental is committed to working its hardest to attend to your appointment on time and remain on schedule for all procedures.

Other Phoenix dentists may not treat you like family. Lernor Family Dental believes that all customers should be attended to and treated as family. Dr. Eric Lernor prides himself on his detail-oriented consultations and checkups and will provide his patients with a thorough understanding of their current dental health and various solutions available. Patients that are equipped with more knowledge can make better financial decisions.

What to look for in a Phoenix dentist?
Knowing what to look for in a dentist is important. Does your dentist merely shuffle you through their office quickly to see as many patients as possible? Or does your dentist meet with you even after a basic cleaning to go over the results of your x-ray? Having a dentist that is on your side and not the side of the insurance companies is important. Dr. Eric Lernor and staff at Lernor Family Dental are committed to your needs first and foremost. Patients expect one-to-one attention during their consultation and we dedicate the necessary time and resources to your dental issues. When you leave Lernor Family Dental, you will be completely satisfied with the level of customer service, quality of care, and peace of mind. Lernor Family Dental's mission is to be the number one Phoenix dentist for both adults and children.

Most importantly, when it comes to finding a dentist, find one that puts you at ease and makes you comfortable. Your children should feel welcome and you should feel safe that you and your family's dental care is in the right hands - a trusted dentist with years of experience. Good dentistry is not expensive, but the lack of good dentistry is.

Call local dentists in your area and ask them some questions to see if they are a good fit. Just a you would screen your pediatrician, find a Phoenix dentist that is flexible, affordable, and trustworthy.