Mean Girl Stole My Work - Instant Karma

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Jennifer had always been a loner, and maybe not so much by choice, but that's the way it had been for along time. And of course, she was lonely, and wanted to be popular, to fit in, have friends, but it just never worked out that way.

Until one day in school, in her class, another student, one of the most popular girls in school, asked if she wanted to work on a project with her, a presentation on road safety that they would present together in front of the whole school.

Jennifer was so excited, not only would she be working with someone and not all alone, but, it was with the most popular girl in school! They got to work right away, but, right away this girl made excuses and asked Jennifer to do the work, all of it. That hardly bothered her, they would still be presenting together and that was what mattered!

On the day of the assembly Jennifer got everything ready up on stage, hooked up her computer and set up the presentation and that's when it happened - this mean girl told her she had been replaced! She bumped Jennifer off the stage and gave the presentation by herself. Jennifer was ashamed, embarrassed, heartbroken and so mad. She said to herself, "That mean girl stole my work!"

The presentation Jennifer worked on was so good though that it was chosen to be presented at all the schools all around them - a huge honor. And that's when KARMA stepped in to get even!

Jennifer had the only copy of the presentation, on her computer, and what do you think she did? Do you think she gave her the computer to use at the other schools? No way!

And guess what happened, when the truth came out, the mean girl made a fool of herself, she lost it in from of everyone. Not only that, Jennifer was in the limelight, and people noticed her and wanted to be with her. Karma brought justice! Instant Karma, Instant Justice!

The bully who tricked her got what she deserved.

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