Pet Memorial - Owner, Dearest Friend

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Quick Note: Because so many wonderful people were leaving messages memorializing their pets on the previous video, I thought you all deserved a nicer place to share your stories. I hope you enjoy this illustrated, spoken-word version of a poem that came from a very honest place. Love to all. Description: Letting someone in your heart's the bravest part of life. And when we have to let them go, we pay a heavy price. This (refinished) video is for anyone mourning the loss of a beloved pet. Whoever you are, however you're hurting, thank you for loving your friend. For reveling in the privilege of ushering another creature safely through its life, from beginning to end. For playing. For feeding and brushing. For giving them a tender home when they might've known none. Know that you are not alone. And, again, on behalf of the dog or cat or horse or bird or whatever manner of critter you now find yourself missing... THANK YOU for sharing your heart. Request: If you've suffered a recent loss, please feel free to memorialize your pet's name in the comments below. If you've come through to the other side of your grief, please consider returning to this video to lend encouragement to anyone still suffering. Video/Poem/Illustrations: Vivienne Mathews
Narration/Commentary: Meral Mathews
Music Sourced: Kevin MacLeod