Talking About Your Family in English - Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about your family in English. Do you have a big family? What do you like doing when you spend time with your family? Talking about family can be a good way to start a conversation in English, so it’s useful if you know what to say and have some questions to ask.

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1. Introducing Your Family 0:29
2. Talking About Brothers and Sisters 1:15
3. Talking About Your Immediate/Extended Family 2:02
4. Talking About Your Children 3:06
5. Talking About Your Relationship with Your Family 4:00
6. Making a Longer Answer 5:04

You can learn:

- How to introduce your family in a simple way.
- How to talk about your immediate and your extended family.
- How to talk about your brothers and sisters.
- How to talk about your children when you're talking about your family in English.
- How to talk about your relationship with your family, and what you like to do together.

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