Quarantine Freestyle: Justina Valentine VS Conceited 🔥UNEDITED | The Justina Valentine Show | MTV

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to be alone! Live from MTV’s YouTube, resident freestyle extraordinaire Justina Valentine is bringing the audience inside her home for an exclusive hang out with your favorite celebrities. This isn’t a talk show… it’s a digital house party WITHOUT edits #explicit! Join Justina live every Thursday as she connects with a new celebrity guest for candid conversations, party games, and a fresh dose of Wild N’ Out positive energy.

0:21 Introduction 👋
4:44 “Ya Damn Right” Moments 💯
11:14 Live Interview w/ Conceited ❓
34:45 DIY Gloves Life Hack ❗
37:19 Let’s Meet My Sidekick 🐶
38:16 Corona Karaoke Time 🎹
40:19 Wrapping w/ a Rap 🎤

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