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Prince of Legend - プリンスオブレジェンド (2018) Episode 5

Prince of Legend (2018) - プリンスオブレジェンド

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Suzaku Kanade is the scion of the Suzaku Group who is a bilingual "straight A" student with good looks and great athletic abilities. He is deemed a "celebrity prince" with graceful manners. One day, through his father's introduction, Kanade meets "bad boy prince" Kyogoku Takato who is a charismatic figure among the bad boys in the downtown area. Kanade and Takato who live in completely different worlds and have totally opposite personality start to compete for an "important thing". However, Takato's little brother Kyogoku Ryu, student-union president prince Ayanokoji Aoi, dance prince Red - Tendo Koki, teacher prince Yuki Riichi, and beautician prince Sagasawa Haru also join the competition...

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