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Rebirth of Shopping Addict (2020) - I Am Not A Shopping Addict

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A story about a shopaholic who goes on the counteroffensive after losing everything overnight. It revolves around the business war between shopping malls and online stores. Gao Yang was born with a silver spoon. Her privileged existence afforded her the money to buy anything that she wants which developed her excessive shopping addiction. Alas, life throws her a lemon when her father suddenly goes bankrupt and disappears without a trace. In the blink of an eye, her world is turned upside down. At this time, she crosses paths with Yan Li, the nephew of her father's assistant, and receives his help. In order to make a living, Gao Yang accepts an offer to work for Li Ming Che, Yan LI's rival in business. Meanwhile, a spark of romance develops between Yan Li and Gao Yang despite their opposite personalities. Li Ming Che also becomes taken with Gao Yang's infectious personality. Through repeated trials in work and in love, Gao Yang realizes that she is lacking in many ways and works hard to mature into a better person.

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16/16 2019
16/16 2020
20/20 2014
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