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A Little Love Song - Wo De Ge Shi Ying Xiong (2019) Episode 1

A Little Love Song (2019) - Wo De Ge Shi Ying Xiong

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  • 40 min.


Childhood playmates Li Tao and Zhang Sheng get to know each other by fate and mutually support each other through tennis. Facing family’s objection towards the path of tennis, Zhang Sheng supported Li Tao’s decision; Li Tao gave her encouragement to move forward when faced with accidental injury which could endanger her professional tennis career. They gradually fell in love after overcoming obstacles after another. Zhang Sheng’s eternal protector, Wei Chang and Fu Meng Meng who likes him, both pursue their dreams and love bravely. They are fearless even if they got hurt in the process. These youngsters finally grew up with the will and morale of Youth.

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