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Behind The Scenes (2018)

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Student radio academy Father Xiao Tam has a dream, and even becomes an elite programmaker. She was a fan of Thuan Vu Kieu, a famous manipulator, the company master of Vu Tinh Thien and Bo Tieu Coc, so she chose to go to that company to practice. Thuan Vu Kieu's cold personality makes Father Tieu Coc lose all hope. While all hopes are broken, Father Tieu accidentally gets caught up in the incident of an online program, having just lost his job and missed the time to do a master's thesis. Thuan Vu Kieu alone is responsible for the incident of the direct program, saving the birth and career of Tieu Coc. Tieu Coc is aware of the excellent personality of Thuan Vu Kieu, two people who begin to play shoulder to shoulder combat in their work, also began to embrace affection. Thuan Vu Kieu established the Chinese television show's original material, this is also the dream of Tieu Coc. Two people overcome difficulties of insects, constantly striving. Under the influence of Thuan Vu Kieu and his efforts, Bo Tieu Coc became an elite manipulator. The two young people who overcome all barriers of mutual trust, help each other, have achieved both career and love and also bring to those who have love with the radio career to have a fresh future. brighter.

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