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Broken (2014) - Banghwanghaneun Kalnal

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  • 2 hr. 2 min.


The cold body of middle school student Soo Jin is found at an abandoned public bathhouse. The father, Sang Hyun, is helpless in the face of his daughter’s death. And one day, Sang Hyun receives an anonymous text message with information about the killer. At the address in the message, he finds Cheol Yong laughing while watching a video showing his daughter as she is raped and killed. After he kills Cheol Yong in a fit of rage, Sang Hyun finds out about the existence of an accomplice and sets out to find him. Upon examining Cheol Yong’s murder scene, Eok Kwan – the detective who leads the investigation into Soo Jin’s murder – realizes that Sang Hyun is the killer and sets out on his trail.

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