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Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn (2018) - National Tiger Dragon

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Lim Bun Hou or Songward is fired from lieutenant school because he is Chinese man even if he will graduate soon, but he don't give up with his destiny. He will never go back to manage the teahouse which his family's business that is full of lustful, but can he get away from that place when he still be in Yaowarat (Chinatown). He decides to sell rice, and be supported by colonel Punyuth or Aye who is his adopted brother that is Thai family adopt him because the one benefit. The way of Songward is defamed, and finally he have to mess with crime and competition in Yaowarat, but the tiger like him is chained with gratitude of Chinese family that is his uncle, and also Aye who adopted him. He have to exchange everything with his tear and life of the girl who he love most. Tiang Ju's parents have to die, her house become the teahouse, and she have to be orphan that is vagrant since she was 12 years old. Because of Lim Meng Hong's egregiousness, so she only can keep her rancor in her heart, and wait for disaster of Lim Meng Hong. She need him to leave this cruel uncle, but it never happen because Lim Bun Hou kill someone for Lim Meng Hong and he will also find the way to part her and hia Hou away. Songward love Tiang Ju so much, and cherish of her since she was child. Songward wait for Tiang Ju to grow up as magnificent girl who beside him but when it's that time. Everything can't easily end up. Tiang Ju can't be as before, and Songward can't leave anything among kindness, love and rancor. No matter what happen, Songward will self-immortally keep fighting, and he will fight like a tiger. One day, he will be great guy that like great dragon, and Tiang Ju will live beside him.