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Chong Er's Preach (2019) - Legend of Zhong Er

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  • 45min/epi


The film is about the turbulent life of the Dead-Tiger - Tan Van Cong (Vuong Long Hoa) a true historical figure of China. During the Spring and Autumn Period, he was a highly respected posterity, with a skill to use his skills and intellect. Tan Van Cong and Viet Vuong Cau Tieu are the two monarchs who are always mentioned and associated with the list of the Five Precepts in the Spring and Autumn Period. Extending the whole history of many changes, Tan Van Cong also had many love affairs, preliminary statistics he must have at least 10 wives. But among them, the only person who can win his true feelings is the mistress of Mrs. Qi Khiang (Zhang Ham Yun). Qi Khong is the daughter of Qi completed, more beautiful than the person, especially the clever and clever woman, very knowledgeable about humanity. She was married to Tan Van public during the time he went to run crazy, although the days of being together were not too long, but the feelings of Tan Van Cong for the death of this person were very deep, even when he met the turmoil, he because too love Qi Khiang ...