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Dok Soke (2012) - Sad Flower

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Dork Soke lives with Somjai (her grandmother). She sells newspapers and her important buyer is Ausanai. He always buys her newspapers. One day, Dork Soke falls down beside Sudkhed's car. He realizes that Dork Soke is his granddaughter. Dork Soke is the daughter of Peeyakamon. Peeyakamon is Sudkhed's daughter with his servant (Dork Soke's grandmother). Sudkhed wants Dork Soke to stay with him, but Somjai doesn't consent. Sudkhed orders Penphak (his eldest daughter) to buy Dork Soke from Somjai's new husband. Sudkhed changed Dork Soke's name to Apiromreedee. Sudkhed loves Dork Soke, but Phenphak, Pentakarn (Penphak's daughter), Sudsuer (Sudkhed's youngest daughter) all hate her, but Dork Soke is able to endure everything because she has Ausanai to encourage her. Dork Soke secretly falls in love with him, but Peeyakamon & Pentakarn are in love with him, too. After Sudkhed's death, Dork Soke decides to return to her grandmother. She then meets Mrs. Bent. When Mrs. Bent sees Dork Soke's necklace, she realizes that Dork Soke is her granddaughter (her son's daughter). Dork Soke moves to the United states with Mrs .Bent, but she still loves and misses Ausanai. Because of this, Mrs. Bent decides to take Dork Soke back to Thailand......So how will things unfold and who will Ausanai choose?

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