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Everyone Wants To Meet You (2020) - Shei Dou Ke Wang Yu Jian Ni

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  • 45 min.


A beautiful romance follows an accomplished executive who falls for a pure and kind-hearted girl. Being the general manager of a five-star hotel, work has always been the center of Zhang Min’s universe, that is until he meets Luo Xi, the only person who could bring him out of his workaholic state. Zhang Min finds himself captivated by Luo Xi's kindness and beauty while Luo Xi sees the gentleness behind Zhang Min's cold and apathetic façade. Luo Xi's childhood friend Tao Lun also has a crush on her; yet she only sees him as an older brother. As Zhang Min and Luo Xi overcome countless obstacles to be together and even set up their own hostel together, a heartbroken Tao Lun turns his focus to business. When a powerful hotel group tries to take over the hostel, their paths cross again.

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