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Hai Tang’s Rouge Shines Trough in the Rain (2019)

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The film is set in the world of making lipstick in the river of Jiangnan, about the love story of the second young master (Dang Luan) and the mysterious goddess Co Hai Duong (Ly Nhat Dong), along with the love complex feeling with the golden army military leader Long Mac Ha, intertwined in the story of the battle to defend the country. -Summary of content: The girl who tried to find a lost father for a long time but wandered to Con Duong, along with the second-generation Romance from the young, met and wronged, then applied to work in the Lang Gia factory. , was picked by the great son Lang Nguyet Ming. The Lang Family used the trick of creating a fake marriage, Co Hai Duong knew that he had been deceived, harbored Nguyet Hien hatred, proposed to treat Lang Nguyet Minh's destroyed face in exchange for a retirement letter.

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