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I Am The Head Teacher - Wo Shi Banzhuren (2019) Episode 1

I Am The Head Teacher (2019) - Wo Shi Banzhuren

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I was the Class Leader, who also propagated the main content in the movie, introduced the class president (played by Du An Thai) as a caring character. According to the description, the teacher Du An Thai is a fairly timely follow-up, a new model of teachers. In which Vuong Tuan Khai and Quan Hieu Dong will also play the role of the student, played by his boss Du An Thai. The school responded to the movement from the entrusted leader, formed a choir group, and selected classes. good at art to enter gifted class. Outwardly taking the name of forming a choir but actually kicking the weak students out of class. Students with different personalities, mixed with good and bad, entered class 12-7 together, encountered a mysterious and extremely cunning homeroom teacher, thus starting the difficult and unexpected years. .

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