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I will never let you go (2018) - Legend of Huo Buo

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Holy goddess of heaven, who has the museum Bich La Thien will have people. Because of this saying that Holy Lady Hoa Airlessness (Ariel) is the only important person who can open the museum, she is coveted by many forces. From small, Hoa Real Air has Nine urgently saved all over the place, tasted all kinds of hardships, later met the Great Union of Customer Medicine (Truong Ban Boan), he always loved, but did not expect Lien Y Guest to be Tran Duc The only son of That Vuong was a heart to win the position. Therefore, the emotional path of Flowers of Airlessness and Tran Duc met with great difficulty. United Real Air strikes out of Gypsy, discovered he had a marriage with Dong Phuong Thach (Lam Bach Nghi). Dong Phuong Thach's diplomacy also wanted to take advantage of the Flowers of Air in order to get the museum, but Dong Phuong Thach loved the Airless Flower, not wanting her to suffer any damage.

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