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Mengfei Comes Across (2018) - 萌 妃駕駕第

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Manh went into deep space during the Sui Dynasty. Do not want to live a life of liquid confinement, fate is dispossessed, Ministry of illusion pretends to be sick to avoid politics and make good friends with the royal lady in the palace. But one day, the emperor (Wang Dong Cheng) was in conflict with his father, he sought her to vent. However, he found himself increasingly attracted to the Ministry. With her unconditional personality, the emperor was not only angry but also remembered, he often made an excuse for two people have a chance together. The distance between the two is healed and brought closer together when they decide to act as civilians. As Donghae as emperor Wen Lau, how to conquer the heart of the Ministry and keep her feet behind me?

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