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My Commissioned Lover (2019) - 抱佣情人

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Family and pro-family, which is more important? This is also the concern of the young couple in "Marriage Partners". The film is directed by veteran director Phan Gia Duc. From an interior decorator, Lang Trieu Dung (played by Duong Minh) is raised thanks to the form of a guest room business. He and Boi Canh Chi (played by Cao Hai Ninh), real estate brokers, built real estate companies, earning huge profits in just a few years. They set a goal to become a leader of real estate. Also and Chi together since they were empty, they fell in love and moved towards marriage. At this point, the different conception of Dung and Chi's family is truly revealed. Dung said that friendship is the most important thing. Therefore, he always devoted much energy and money to tolerating his friends and family members. Among them, Lang Trieu Nhan (played by Luc Vinh) and Lang Trieu Tin (played by Thang Lac Van). Meanwhile, Chi spent the past unhappy. She was abandoned by her father, who had to live often in the violence and debt. Therefore, for Chi, money is the most important thing. She was very upset when she had to spend money to take care of her husband's family. In addition, the power of close friends Dung - who is also a shareholder of the company - is growing and growing, making Chi feel lonely and threatened. Although Dung loves Chi very much, is ready for her to plead guilty. , sitting in prison, but Chi is still not reassured. She could not sit still, watching the company at risk of default. Chi decided to take advantage of his own daughter with Dung, to win the sympathy of her ex-boyfriend - Pictures Khai (played by Huynh Duc Ban). I want to ask Khai to revive my inheritance, but it makes Dung extremely disappointed. They have become enemies ...

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