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My Heavenly Cruelty (2018)

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Main char is a university student because the same villain arises to lead a dangerous life that fates involuntarily summon a rebellious spirit. The Spirit of the Master so often put him in his name, he also was dragged into battle "Tian Guan Kun". Martial artists are the only ones who can summon weapons of war, between mutual fighters or cooperate or fight. The owner of the two letters of the heroic duel of Can Tuong - Mac Ta proposed to join the Thien Thien to participate in martial arts. Thanks to the Department of the City of Hue help to recall the famous "Landscape" of Lu Bố. The two people together Tian Tian Road emerged fighting, later discovered the two sides existed misunderstanding that the vicarious deputy director of deputy director Yeung Huy a hand layout. Together forces to destroy Diep Huy, the body of the enemy angel gas gas exposed. The more the militant martial arts fierce fighting, the more underground forces are gradually showing up.

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