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My Splendid Life (2011) - 我的灿烂人生

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An inspirational story in the rich family My Wonderful Life is another work of the golden producer, Zhou Lin. This drama is a mixture of love romance, workplace inspirational, competition in family and other elements.It also brings out a new start for the consumers. In this drama, the male lead is a role model to all working people because of his spirit in working hard for his family business. A new education and society environment creates a new view in life and relationship in group of people. A better quality environment also caused them to become a group that is lack of stress, known as "strawberry group", The lead in the drama is a young adult that do not have to worry about anything in life. After going through a financial crisis, bankrupt in family business, father passed away, what kind of attitude does he have to face in his drastic life? The positive attitudes that these young adults possess when facing difficulties in their life can bring an effect of a role model. In the drama, both female lead and male lead has a kind of "prince and cinderella" love story. Besides love , the drama involves 2 persons that have a difference in culture and generation.