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Nakuna, Hara-chan (2013) - Don't Cry, Hara-chan

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Hara-chan is drunk at a cheap pub and blabbering. It is a daily occurrence. He is always vexed, but has neither the wisdom nor the courage to break it up. This is Hara-chan, the main character of the manga ‘Nakuna, Hara-chan’. The illustrator of this manga is Echizen-san, a plain-looking lady who works at a fish paste factory. In place of a diary, she draws this comic strip in a notebook with all the pent-up resentment within her. This is the only outlet for Echizen-san who seems to have lost her passion for life. Then one day, a miracle happens. Hara-chan comes to the sudden realization that he is looking at the world for the first time. The sun’s warmth, the rustle of wind, the twinkle of the stars. He has sprung out of the manga world and into the “real” world. In the “real” world, Hara-chan is in love with Echizen-san. Even if he is not a human in this “reality”.

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