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Nikita Season 4 (2013) - Nikita Season 4

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  • 60min


Three months after being accused of president Kathleen Spencer's murder, Nikita continues her run in Canada. Meanwhile, Alex, accompanied by Sonya, is trying to find the Shop's location and goes to Mumbai, India to figure out their next move. Willing to do everything in order to clear her name, Nikita returns to the United States and meets Dale Gordon, a reporter for the news channel ENN — who she thinks can help her clear her name by telling him the truth. This, however, is a setup by Amanda and rest of the Shop, who are using Gordon as a trap, into which Nikita unwittingly falls into. Trying to save herself, Nikita decides to kidnap Gordon. She is saved when Michael makes a deal with the FBI's head director Matthew Graham. On her way to meet Michael, when Nikita is finally able to escape out of the trap, she is shot by Graham, who is revealed as another member of the Shop. Realizing Gordon might help Nikita expose the truth, Graham arranges to have him killed in a bomb explosion. Meanwhile, Alex, who finds out about the Shop's next move in India, is taken by Owen (who now uses his real name — Sam).