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PriPara - Minna no Akogare: Let's Go PriParis (2016) - プリパラ み~んなのあこがれ♪レッツゴー☆プリパリ

  • HD
  • 1h 32min


Laala is spending a normal day in Pripara with her friends, when they are all transported to the Pripara Grand Canyon. Meganii and Meganee explain that they received a distress call from Falulu in Pripari, the world headquarters of all Pripara, located in Prance. Falulu warns everyone that ominous black clouds have appeared above the Eppel Tower and that Pripari is beginning to lose its Sparkle power. The message is cut short before Falulu can elaborate further but Meganii explains that if Pripara loses all its Sparkle then they can no longer be idols. Meganii goes on to explain that the idols must travel to Pripari if they hope to save Pripara for everyone. He also explains that on the way they should perform as much as they can in order to collect Sparkle, or likes, from idols all over the world. Meganee reveals vehicles for all the idols, saying that they cannot use any normal transport, such as the Pritrain or Pricopter, as all forms of transport have become unusable since the disturbance in Pripari. Meganee tells the idols that the entrance to Pripari is at the end of the canyon and that they should hurry.

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