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Salem Season 2 (2015) - Salem 2

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When Season 2 of the supernatural horror series begins, the consequences of the Grand Rite are apparent: Salem is afflicted by a terrible plague and a witch war is on the horizon. Mary (Janet Montgomery) is reunited with her son (Oliver Bell); trying to seize power, Mercy (Elise Eberle) kills the Elders, effectively starting an open fight with the remaining witches; Anne (Tamzin Merchant) is learning about her powers while keeping them secret; John's (Shane West) fate is revealed; Cotton (Seth Gabel) deals with his failures and his father's death. But Salem's biggest threat comes in the form of the Countess (Lucy Lawless), an original witch that is trying to raise the devil. It's soon revealed that Mary's son is possessed by the Dark Lord himself, and this starts a full-scale witch war that could destroy the town—and the entire world.

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