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Savior Traveling Through Time (2014)

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  • 95min


In this film, Wallace Huo will play 1 loss time novelist, met bad luck in life and no one appreciated. In 1 Times accidentally traveled through space and time to the ancient Tang Dynasty. Fate has pushed him to become a savior and a hero in the eyes of people in the wire during the Tang dynasty, people preferred fat beauty, beautiful girls are the girls fat and also because generation, reincarnation wings will play 1 "female Illusion" (ugly girl) because her body is too thin. Her shaping and fun eye catching. She revealed that she is interested in the image and the role she always wanted to appear in the comedy genre that nay.Con Dylan Kuo, the prince plays 1, in collaboration with Wallace Huo create more love laugh out loud situations. With oversized height, Dylan Kuo became prominent among vien.Ngoai cast as a director, Lam Chi-chung also starred in the film, you yourself turn into the most famous poets Tang dynasty - Li White.