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Soul Land (2018) - 斗罗大陆

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The story with the protagonist, the son of a blacksmith, a blacksmith turned demonic, because the deceased was lost. World Cup, a large continent, crowded residents. The noble event here is called Master. Every human being is born with an innate soul. The soul can be the plow, the hoe, the knife ... the tool block, a chrysanthemum, a branch apricot plant ... to the great souls such as Snow Ma Hung, Ma Lang .... To be able to become a monk, in addition to soul power, also need the soul to use that soul, the larger the soul, the higher the power, delegate the strong force at The mainland. Up to 10 levels of soul, the soul can add a soul, derived from the killing of animals, powerful beasts, monks have thousand years. Cultivation journey, learn the mystery of the death of the mother body, secrets of the mother.

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