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Super Sentai Saikyou Battle (2019) - Yon-shū Renzoku Supesharu Sūpā Sentai Saikyō Batoru!!

  • HD
  • 45min/epi


The story begins when a mysterious girl named Rita gathers the Senshi from Super Sentai teams to the Nemesis planet. Warriors will be able to fulfill any wish they wish if they can win the Super Sentai Saikyo Battle. Every 500 years, it is said that the universe will occur a mysterious phenomenon called "Moebius Connect" in the moment of opening a new era and ending the Heisei period in 2019. The Super Sentai gathered and "Super Sentai Saikyo Battle" took place. The winner of this battle will receive their wish. All 42 Super Sentai Senshi are summoned in turn to participate in this great battle, arranged into different teams according to topics such as: Cars, Animals, ... and all against each other. In this decisive battle .. To fulfill their wish, to get the "strongest" title, an intense battle will take place.

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