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Super Snoops (2011) - 荃加福祿壽探案

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  • 44 min.


he detective office "Phuc Loc Tho" was opened, consisting of 3 silly investigators and a no-boss boss. All have the same plight: they are all orphans and deep in their hearts is a zeal of detectives, finding the truth of mysterious cases. The miracle of Phuc Loc Tho is set in the context of the Nation, the period in Hong Kong is full of the abuses of evil monks. Tan Trieu Dong (Uong Minh Thuyen) disagreed with his superior, so he quit his job at the Police Department to open a detective office. During a time of breaking the case of murder and escape, the New Dynasty met three suspects: the Monopoly Palace (Nguyen Trieu Tuong), Cung Trach Lam (Vuong To Lam) and Thoi Tu (Ly Tu Tiep). Then, all 4 people were accidentally ... struck by lightning while actively seeking proof. This death and resurrection accident gave them extraordinary abilities, suddenly the New Dynasty suddenly saw the future, the monopoly possessed the kungfu, and he could walk through the wall and Came from hypnosis. Other easy.