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The Killing Season 3 (2014) Episode 1

The Killing Season 3 (2014)

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After surviving a roller-coaster ride to renewal by AMC, a cleaner-cut Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) reunites with Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) for a third season of this critically-acclaimed crime drama, but not before Sarah is seen smiling and seemingly content at a job on a ferry, greeting her boyfriend. He soon learns he has reeled in one of Seattle's most dedicated detectives as she wastes no time ditching domestication and returning to 24/7 action when a wave of wayward teenage girls goes missing. An intriguing parallel plot follows the death-row plight of Ray Seward (played with Hannibal Lecter-level creepiness and volatility by Peter Sarsgaard), who was convicted of murdering his wife in a three-year-old case worked by Linden. Seward becomes a key resource in the new unsolved crimes, while Holder leans on a hotshot street kid named Bullet for information when leads come up dry (a show signature). Meanwhile, Holder's veteran partner for the past year is benched in favor of Linden, who also reconnects with James Skinner (Elias Koteas), her partner from the Seward case who has moved up the top of the homicide division. A swifter pace is evident in Season 3 to complement the distinctive camera work and spine-tingling sound introduced in the first two seasons.

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