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The Victim (1980) - Lightning Kung Fu

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Chan Wing is an unruly fighter determined to get martial arts master Leung Chun-yau as his teacher. Leung, however, is up to his ears in his own problems and the last thing he needs is an undisciplined lad to make trouble. Leung's older brother, Jo-wing, is such a thug that he tried to rape Leung's wife, Yuet-yi, on their wedding night. Though Jo-wing fled immediately after the incident, Leung and his wife have been fretting over the inevitable reunion between the two siblings. They finally meet again when Leung's father is on his deathbed. While Leung and Jo-wing uneasily stare at each other during their father's final gasps of life, Jo-wing's henchmen are plotting a trap. Leung is almost killed until Yuet-yi steps in and disavows her husband in exchange that Jo-wing promise to spare his life. Burning with cold fury, Leung agrees to train Chan-wing while plotting his revenge.