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The Westward (2018) Episode 1

The Westward (2018)

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Journey to the West is the story of the ancient far-reaching spirit era, the place where the Thien, Long Toc, Yaksha, A-tu-la, Ma-ma, demons and humanity exist. Sixteen years ago, when Tang Zang Tang and his three disciples appealed to the "Qizi" in Xian, they returned to the central region. Still thinking of giving the sutta to Emperor Thich Thien is completing the task of universalizing sentient beings. But the Tripitaka does not know, in fact, the Sutta has in itself an infinite power, which any force in the world wants to achieve. And he himself was deceived by Emperor Thich Thien, spent more than 10 years, bringing about menstruation for him. At that time, the Tathagata general stalked and discovered the evil mind of Emperor Thich Thien, fought a comfortable life with him to reclaim his period, and fled to the Dragon Tribe Dai Vu Son for help. Dragon King Dai Son has replaced Tathagata to hide his business. Later, due to his enlightenment, Ky Kinh took the form of a Dragon Tribe under the name Tieu Vu. Bach Lang - a lang loves Tieu Vu to save his life, to pay tribute to the dragon clan as Tieu Vu's friend. 16 years later, when the news of Ky Kinh was revealed, the army attacked the Dai Vu Son and Long Cung Vu Son was destroyed. Bach Lang brought Tieu Vu - at this time, he had reverted to the state of Menstruation, ran away from the great dance, vowing to bring Tieu Vu back to the West of ecstasy. With his courage and determination, Bach Lang was able to convince the Tripitaka, once again with him to Tay Thien to "return the sutras". On the way, they also got the help of Little White Dragon, Eastern Prince Arrogant Snow. The three begin their Western journey together, both avoiding the pursuit of the Heaven and confronting so many demons waiting.

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