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Who's not Rebellious Youth (2019) - The Youth Who Do Not Rebel

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Two brothers who were raised under different circumstances have their lives interchanged. One lives as a student while the other suits up for work and meets office lady Tang Shi, thus marking the start of a series of mishaps. Lu Xiang and Lu Yin are brothers. Because of their parents, they ended up being raised separately by their grandmothers. Lu Xiang has been flunking out of college. Lu Yin is a high-ranking executive who returns from abroad. The two brothers who know nothing about each other decide to switch identities for a few days to experience the other's lifestyle. Alas, Lu Yin gets into an accident and wakes up with amnesia. He comes to believe that he really is a P.E. student. In order to save his older brother's company, the younger Lu Xiang pretends to be an executive all while Lu Yin relives the joys and pains of college. Lu Xiang causes more trouble than he can handle, but eventually finds love with Tang Shi from Human Resources.

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