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Wonders of Venus (2018)

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The plan of destroying the religious life of the human race was the Seventh-day Seal of Honor. To this day the desire of mankind has increased infinitely. Rid of the resources, damaging the environment, causing the darkened sword to erode. After the resurrection, the Sun set itself out to send dark forces outside, humanity held the night slaughter, on the one hand search for the lost Huyen Duc forces, the plan to break the seals of themselves, face Other places to destroy the descendants of the Conqueror, to dispel anxiety later. Truong Son Phong unexpectedly rushed into a contested phenomena, in the agitated Dioxin, he took advantage of the forces of Fighting Soul, saving the descendants of the Conquest from danger spots clear. Zhang Xing knew the status of the Descendant of the Soul, actively taking charge of finding another heir of the Beast, then fight the evil organization, the important task of saving humanity, the story goes through. A human heart vibrates in the beginning.

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