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You Are My Destiny - 你是我的命中注定 (2020) Episode 1

You Are My Destiny (2020) - 你是我的命中注定

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  • 45 min.


Two people living on "parallel lines" were never meant to interact, but an unanticipated meeting transforms them into each other's destiny. On a cruise ship bound for Bahamas , Chen Jiaxin meets the highly-educated Wang Xiyi, heir to a huge conglomerate. Helping each other, play acting and a one night stand leads them into each other's life again as married couple who can't divorce because of pregnancy and family pressure. Their contract marriage has a secret prenuptial agreement for a divorce after the birth of the child. The baby will remain with Wang Xiyi and he will marry the woman he loves. Misunderstandings lead to a miscarriage. Heartbroken, Chen Jiaxin journeys to Hungary alone. There she endures trials and tribulations. But with perseverance and help from friends, she becomes an accomplished potter. Meanwhile, over three years of separation Wang Xiyi has matured into someone capable of raising a family. Since so much time has passed, history and possibility converge when the two meet by chance in Hungary.

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